Our Story

Before there were oils, there was a philosophy.
Airy Essentials developed from feelings.
Feeling the wind on your skin..
Feeling the the peace of nature..
Feeling gratitude for a breath of fresh air..
In those moments we let go.
Our mind creates space,
our body fills with air
and our heart begins to shine with light.
We feel light and airy,
as though nothing is holding us back. 
These feelings are what brought us to understanding the significance of mindfulness and the importances of taking time to live our lives fully, with meaning and purpose.
Airy Essentials embodies just that. The moments in our existence when we are fully present. Taking the time to feel, sense & smell everything around us.
By sharing our Australian Range of Pure Essential Oils, we hope to bring you moments of peace and gratitude through Aromatherapy. We want you to feel light & airy.

Our Journey

It began as a journey across the globe.
Not in search of a product, but in search of the key to health & wellbeing.
We knew the ingredients, but it was up to us to create a recipe.
Through our travels we encountered various physical & mental health challenges.
And this is where our desire to share Pure Essential Oils blossomed.
Although Aromatherapy & Essential Oils themselves date back to Before Common Era, the westernization of medicine has become widespread across the globe. We were shocked when we could not source Tea Tree Oil although every pharmacy on every corner had every brand of medication we had back home. Having lived in the luxury of consistent access to Essential Oils, we did not expect such a challenge in sourcing them for personal use. And when we finally found our precious oil, it costs us more than it would back home.
And in that moment, the desire to SHARE essential oils became a passion. The 15mL of golden drops did not go very far at that moment in time, but they began a wave of desire to promote alternative medicine & improve accessibility.

Our Values

At Airy Essentials, our goal is to spread awareness and share the very best of what nature across Australia has to offer. We want to capture those moments of presence many of us have only when we are out in nature, and bring them into your home.
Through our oils, we hope to spread the message of mindful living.
We incorporate this value into our products. 
We source sustainably & cruelty-free products. 
Our goals are to give back to Mother Nature as it is the living source of our products. 
Our packaging is bio-degradable and we avoid the use of plastic as much as possible. 
Each oil is hand-batched in small quantities with extensive quality checks along the way. We understand the importance of purity and guarantee your products is pure and free from additives or substitutes.