Rosemary Australian Essential Oil 17 ml

Ingredients: Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil

Rosemary oil is the oil of rememberance, valued for the effect it has on the mind, clarifying thought and stimulating memories.

Origins: Australian Rosemary Oil sits in-beween Spanish and Moroccan Rosemary in terms of its chemistry.

Key components:

Alpha Pinene - approx 18%
Camphene - approx. 7%
Beta Pinene - Approx. 3%
Myrcene - Approx 1.5%
Cineole - Approx. 31%
Camphor - Approx 11%
Borneol -Approx 3%
Borneyl Acetate - Approx 2%

Warnings: Do not use during pregnancy. Unsuitable for people with high blood pressure and/or epilepsy.

17 ml

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